January 13, 2019


Welcome to Social Listening

A key part of listening to our communities is having the ability to readily respond on social media.

What do we want to learn from our community on social media?

The TL;DR (too long; didn’t read) conundrum

Have loads of feedback on social media you don’t know how to analyse?

Too time consuming to do manually?

  • Analyse social media channels (for example, commentary on Facebook posts)
  • Litmus test issues with the community via social media
  • Better community engagement – keep a finger on the community’s pulse

Social Listening has many uses:

  • The development of long-term plans
  • Response feedback, for example to a civil defence event
    • Use it to identify if there is a problem in some areas or people providing positive feedback
  • Internal staff surveys
  • On-going social medial analysis
  • Any free-text string that needs analysis

Listen, Write Now

Transcription Software

  • Specialised voice transcription
  • Built for technical & specialist vocabularies
  • No need to spend hours training it – it just works
  • Quick & accurate